1,000 Facts About the Bible for Kids

1000Facts - Cover

Just in time for Easter giving:  A great new picture book from National Geographic! 1,000 Facts About the Bible offers a plethora of fun facts that children (and everyone else) will enjoy learning:  about angels and art, food and fashion, apostles and prophets and personalities from the Bible. One caution for parents:  1,000 Facts About the Bible is NOT a devotional.  You won't find evening prayers, or tips for obeying your parents, or a list of important Marian dogmas. … [Read more...]

Kudos to Pampers for This Heartwarming New Commercial

Pampers - 1

 From the first scan to the first cuddle, every first is significant no matter how small they seem.   For both baby and mom, it's a journey full of firsts.  And there's nothing more rewarding than experiencing each and every one together.Thank you to Pampers for sharing the moments in a family's journey of love. … [Read more...]

Obama Loses Stay-at-Home Moms’ Support (If He Ever Had It)

There's quite a brew erupting in social media over remarks by President Obama this week about stay-at-home mothers.  I am reminded, as I was when he made the infamous remark in 2011 about not wanting his daughters to be "punished with a baby", that the President and I reside in different universes on social issues.Speaking yesterday in Rhode Island, the president called for more taxpayer-spending on early education programs in order to "make sure that women are full and equal participants i … [Read more...]