Obama Loses Stay-at-Home Moms’ Support (If He Ever Had It)

Mom at home

There's quite a brew erupting in social media over remarks by President Obama this week about stay-at-home mothers.  I am reminded, as I was when he made the infamous remark in 2011 about not wanting his daughters to be "punished with a baby", that the President and I reside in different universes on social issues.Speaking yesterday in Rhode Island, the president called for more taxpayer-spending on early education programs in order to "make sure that women are full and equal participants in … [Read more...]

Better Baby Bumps to Celebrate New Life and Impending Motherhood

Baby bump - twins

This is amazing.I happened upon an article today about the website My Little Sweet Pea, where Carrie Preston, a 27-year-old artist from Cornwall, showcases the "belly bump" paintings she does on the bellies of pregnant women.According to the Daily Mail, in only two years the artist has completed more than 130 intricate belly paintings to help pregnant women celebrate pregnancy and impending birth.Because a big canvas allows for the best artwork, she prefers to paint mothers when … [Read more...]

Little Girl’s Got the Spirit!

Toddler with choir

Oh, that we all could get into the mood when the choir sings, like this little girl! As the Kyrgyzstani choir sings, the toddler feels the rhythm and  practices for her future career with the orchestra. … [Read more...]