Just How “Pro-Life” Is Mitt Romney?

Romney with a baby

As the election nears, some in the liberal media are pointing an accusatory finger at Mitt Romney’s alleged “pro-life wiggle.”  He is, they claim, obscuring his stance in a shameless attempt to pander to women voters.  He’s all over the map, they allege—first saying he is pro-life, then refusing to consider legislation which would, in fact, limit the number of abortions. “Wiggle”? That’s why it’s great that Lifenews.com reprinted in its entirety a campaign letter in … [Read more...]

The Essential Pregnancy Companion for Catholic Moms

Sarah Reinhard

Elizabeth Scalia called her a “tiny, dynamic ball of energy smarts”; and so she is.  Sarah Reinhard—Catholic author extraordinaire, wife and mother of three—blows into a room laughing and pouting and ad libbing and telling mommy stories, and you are captured by her wit and her self-deprecating humor.  I’ve met Sarah a few times at Catholic Writers Guild conferences; but last August I really got to watch her in action when we, both in Texas for the Catholic New Media Conference, found … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Newest Content Blocker Replaces Baby Photos With…. CATS?


A new Google Chrome add-on blocks photos of babies, replacing them with jokes or political posts or photos of cats. Unbaby.me is like… well, it’s like “Virtual Contraception.”  According to MSN’s Tech and Gadgets blog, GeekTown, the add-on will replace baby photos on Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, with pictures of cats and whatever else it thinks is “awesome stuff.” My son is of an age when many of his friends are settling down, marrying and starting a … [Read more...]