Facebook’s Newest Content Blocker Replaces Baby Photos With…. CATS?


A new Google Chrome add-on blocks photos of babies, replacing them with jokes or political posts or photos of cats.Unbaby.me is like… well, it’s like “Virtual Contraception.”  According to MSN’s Tech and Gadgets blog, GeekTown, the add-on will replace baby photos on Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, with pictures of cats and whatever else it thinks is “awesome stuff.”My son is of an age when many of his friends are settling down, marrying and starting a family.  Still a b … [Read more...]

HELLO, I’M WITH STUPID! Rude, Crude Children’s Clothing – UPDATED

Bad baby clothes 2

Isn't it abusive to use one’s baby as a billboard?The question may seem flip, but I’ve noticed that more and more parents are enlisting Junior’s help to promote their cause or their values.  This week, with St. Patrick’s Day on our minds, I’ve seen several infants wearin’ the green:  green beads, green t-shirts, hats, green plastic flashing beer bottles.But THIS!! Following negative feedback from shoppers, Sears Roebuck has just pulled a line of infant attire from its racks.  The in-your- … [Read more...]

LIFE: Flashing, Pulsating, Captivating Life

Alexander Tsiaras

You may not know his name, but I’ll bet his scientific visualizations—explosions of color and vivid images of the human body—have captivated you, flashing from the covers of magazines such as TIME and LIFE. *     *     *     * Alexander Tsiaras, founder of Anatomical Travelogue and TheVisualMD.com, is an associate professor of medicine and chief of scientific visualization at Yale University School of Medicine.  He is an internationally renowned journalist, author of six books, and speaker.  An … [Read more...]