Why Do Catholics Bless Themselves with Holy Water?

Holy Water Font

When you walk into the church, you dip your fingers into the holy water font and then make the sign of the cross.  But why do you do that? Why do Catholics use holy water in their worship and their devotional life? *     *     *     *     * Numbers 5:17 "And he shall take holy water in an earthen vessel, and he shall cast a little earth of the pavement of the tabernacle into it." *     *     *     *     * The Catholic Church teaches that Christ instituted seven … [Read more...]

Governor Rick Perry Goes Down to the River, Gets Baptized

Republican Jewish Coalition Hosts GOP Presidential Candidates Forum

Last month, Texas Governor Rick Perry took a dip in the Little Rocky Creek near Independence, Texas.  The governor was quietly baptized in a ceremony open to his close friends and family.  Pastor Mac Richard of Lake Hills Church in Austin, Texas, presided over the re-dedication. Perry "reaffirmed his commitment" to his Christian faith in the same waters where Texas's famed governor Sam Houston was baptized back in 1854.  Houston, who had a sense of humor, is reported to have quipped that … [Read more...]

How I Almost Fell For the Catholic Spin Re. That Cordoba Baptism

Water of Baptism

Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on an article regarding the baptism of the same-sex couple's baby, little Umma Blue, in the Cordoba cathedral. My working title was: Cordoba Archbishop Decries Media Distortion Re. Baptism of Lesbians' Baby I was going to tell you about how the media has misrepresented the story, making it seem as though the Church is abandoning its constant teaching and really “getting with the times.” I wrote about the archbishop's correction of several … [Read more...]