Meditations in God’s Garden

A Catholic Gardener's Spiritual Almanac

Spring arrived slowly this year.  In Michigan, where I make my home, the earth is still brown and muddy and the trees are bare; and there's still the chance that a rogue snowfall will smother the crocuses and the snowdrops, those delicate precursors of green grass and fragrant flowerbeds.Still, though, Spring is the time when our hearts turn to the garden.  Not in the hot Summer, when sultry breezes make it all too easy to set down the trowel and just loll around near the air conditioner; a … [Read more...]

IMAGE AND REALITY: God’s Vision for Womanhood

What makes a woman beautiful?If the magazines in the checkout aisle are to be believed, women are beautiful if they are lanky, blonde, and air-brushed.If they carry a few extra pounds after that last pregnancy, if they have greying temples or a sagging chin or a furrowed brow, they are not trying hard enough!Contemporary media--television, movies, magazines and the movie industry--all support the idea that beauty is only skin deep.  For the teen girl struggling to understand her own w … [Read more...]

Should the Catholic Church Sell St. Peter’s Basilica to Help the Poor?

"I looked up at the great basilica, and I had two reactions:  First, I appreciated its beauty and reverence; but then I thought, 'What corruption caused someone to spend so much on this building when people are hungry'?" *     *     *     *     * I made a new friend on the train this week.  Mark described himself as a Christian but not a Catholic.  As Amtrak #358 sped along the track from Chicago, where I'd been attending a conference, to Dearborn, Mark and I chatted about a lot of things:  abo … [Read more...]