Tennesseans Love Their Bible and Their Cave Salamander

By Kevin Probst [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Bible as Tennessee's official state book? Apparently not.Tennesseans--81 percent of them, anyway--are Christian. And they may love their Scriptures, but a House plan to name the Bible as the official state book was defeated last month in the State Senate.Senator Steve Southerland, a Republican who represents the citizens of Morristown, and other supporters of the bill had argued that the Bible has had great economic and historic impact in Tennessee. A majority in the State House agre … [Read more...]

Jesus, a Ghost? What Does the Catholic Church Teach About Ghosts?

Image of a ghost created by double exposure in 1899

It's finally Spring in our corner of the woods, and we've begun the laborious task of raking, bagging, and lugging the bedraggled remains of Winter from our front yard.So it was that I, cleaning the remains of Winter's storms from our front lawn, found myself in casual conversation with a neighbor who is "spiritual but not religious"--and so it was that I heard about The Ghost.My neighbor believed The Ghost to be the restless spirit of a man who'd lived in his house long ago.  "I first sa … [Read more...]

1,000 Facts About the Bible for Kids

1000Facts - Cover

Just in time for Easter giving:  A great new picture book from National Geographic! 1,000 Facts About the Bible offers a plethora of fun facts that children (and everyone else) will enjoy learning:  about angels and art, food and fashion, apostles and prophets and personalities from the Bible. One caution for parents:  1,000 Facts About the Bible is NOT a devotional.  You won't find evening prayers, or tips for obeying your parents, or a list of important Marian dogmas. … [Read more...]