Jesus the Palestinian? Kidnapping the Christ for Political Theater

This Christmas, Palestinian Authority officials are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and claiming him as a fellow Palestinian--even though the state of Palestine did not exist at the time of Christ.  He is, they claim, their first martyr. According to WorldNetDaily:Last week, for example, PA President Mahmoud Abbas stated, “We celebrate the birth of Jesus, a Palestinian messenger of love, justice and peace.” Palestinian Media Watch notes that Abbas’ Advisor on Religious and Islami … [Read more...]

An Astronaut’s Christmas Eve Message from Space

On Dec. 24, 1968, our nation was in strife.  The war in Vietnam had divided and demoralized the nation; Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy had been assassinated; and the Zodiac Killer was on the loose. A nation in need of healing listened as the Apollo 8 astronauts, orbiting the moon, read the creation story from the Old Testament Book of Genesis during a Christmas Eve TV broadcast.  Astronaut Frank Borman, aboard the Apollo spacecraft, closed with a greeting to Americ … [Read more...]

Fr. Barron: “Exodus: Gods and Kings” Misunderstands Theological Poetry–and Misses the Point

I do movie reviews fairly frequently; but I haven't yet seen Ridley Scott's new film "Exodus: Gods and Kings."  I was pleased, then, to receive this excellent review by Father Robert Barron, and am sharing it here in its entirety.Ridley Scott and Missing the Point of the Book of Exodus By Very Rev. Robert Barron Ridley Scott’s new film “Exodus:  Gods and Kings” features Moses, the Pharaoh, hundreds of thousands of slaves making their way across the floor of the Red Sea, all ten plagues, the … [Read more...]