Facebook vs. the Good Book: Which Is More Popular?


FACEBOOK is ten years old, and the social media giant is celebrating—offering minute-long videos commemorating its users' experience on-line. The Facebook videos are popular this week, with people commenting on what they've learned about friends they know only through the Interwebs. Facebook has an estimated 757 million daily users—some 143 million in the United States and Canada. One interesting factoid uncovered by Associated Press:  About 400 billion photos have been shared on … [Read more...]

The Holy Innocents, St. Augustine, and the Coventry Carol

Holy Innocents by Giotto

Today, during this octave of Christmas, the Church celebrates the memory of the Holy Innocents—the male children of the village of Bethlehem who were brutally murdered by the wicked king Herod in his quest to eliminate the Christ Child. I offer you three reflections on these innocent children: First, the Scriptural account of the massacre, as recounted in the Gospel of Matthew; Second, a homily by St. Augustine, who remembered the young martyrs and spoke of  heaven’s blessings … [Read more...]

Scripture Study On The Run? Go With the GoBible!


Okay, I was asked, would I review the GoBible?  I said yes—and now, I can’t stop playing with it. With the GoBible I can listen to the Bible—from the beginning, or by selecting a favorite Old or New Testament book. I can search by topic (such as “Courage” or “Forgiveness” or “Repentance”). I can use it for prayer—selecting the Liturgy of the Hours or the Rosary or other common prayers. If I need to locate a particular Old or New Testament story or parable, the … [Read more...]