Archbishop of Sydney to Debate Controversial Ethicist Peter Singer on End-of-Life Issues

Archbishop Anthony Fisher, O.P.  (Photo via  Facebook)

You've probably heard of Peter Singer, the controversial Princeton bioethicist who advocates infanticide, incest and bestiality.  A utilitarian who supports abortion, Singer has stated publicly that some animals are more entitled to personhood than are newborn babies. By his standard, then, parents could decide in the first six months of their child's life whether to permit him to live, or whether to euthanize him.On August 13, the outspoken professor with the outrageous views will de … [Read more...]

When There’s a Mix-up in the Store and You Buy the Wrong Baby

In Vitro Fertilization (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

What if you go to buy a baby and there's a some kind of parentage mix-up, or the seller lies to you about whose child this really is?That's just one of the avoidable crises that are spawned by a culture in which human life is a commodity, to be bought and sold, brought into existence or extinguished at will.Wesley Smith, special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture,  has a truly disheartening article over on about a lesbian couple in Canada who bought sperm for … [Read more...]

Michelle Wilkins’ “Happy Ghost”: The Stinking Thinking of the Abortion Lobby


We've learned this week that no murder charges will be filed against a former nurse's aide who cut the unborn child from the womb of expectant mother Michelle Wilkins.There's no question that Dynel Lane will be charged with a crime.  She stabbed Wilkins, then sliced open her abdomen, slicing through the wall of the uterus to remove her seven-month-old fetus.  Lane then abandoned the bleeding mother and carried the now-dead fetus to a local hospital, where she first tried to persuade medical s … [Read more...]