Bishop David Ricken Criticizes Selection of Gloria Steinem as Catholic College Speaker

Gloria Steinem won't be speaking about abortion when she visits the campus of St. Norbert College this spring, but that doesn't make her visit any less problematic to Bishop David Ricken, bishop of Green Bay.  In a written statement, Bishop Ricken said, "Really, she doesn't need to. Her whole career and life is a grand affirmation of the pro-abortion movement. These types of approaches are outdated, tired and confusing ways to approach these issues, especially given the fact that the Catholic Ch … [Read more...]

African-American Bishop Speaks from Experience About Racism in America

Bishop Edward K. Braxton has seen the ugly face of racism up close and personal--and so is uniquely qualified to speak out about Ferguson and other flashpoints in America's racial history.  This week Bishop Braxton, the bishop of Belleville, issued a pastoral letter on the racial divide in the United States.In the prologue of his letter published January 1, 2015, for the World Day of Peace, Bishop Braxton invited Catholics to imagine a United States in which a majority of Catholics were of … [Read more...]

It’s Still Christmas! A Reminder from Bishop Ricken

Bishop Ricken - Christmas

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