Lighting a Candle: 66th Annual Christopher Awards Showcase Great Movies, Books

Christopher Awards

For 66 years, the Christopher Awards have honored those in media whose work has "affirmed the highest values of the human spirit."The works--feature films, TV and cable shows, books for adults and for young readers--are drawn from both the sacred and the secular. They tell both true stories and fiction. The common thread which unites the winners of the prestigious award is that they are inspiring stories of people who rise above their own wants and needs to act selflessly, regardless of the … [Read more...]

Five Years in Heaven: A Young Man’s Unlikely Friendship with an Elderly Nun

Five Years in Heaven

When I first saw the title of John Schlimm's new book, Five Years in Heaven, I thought I'd be reading another in a long chain of near-death experiences:Don Piper, a pastor, was in a serious car accident. Paramedics at the scene declared him dead and laid a tarp over the window of his car, after his heart stopped beating and he was without a pulse for ninety minutes. Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, was afflicted with a deadly E. coli bacterial infection, and lay comatose for seven … [Read more...]

HEARTSONGS: The Story of Matti Stepanek Will Knock Your Socks Off

Requiem in SeaOh, to call the conch my home . . . Stormy-smoothed tunnels of Kaleidoscope walls spiraling into Pearl-shimmered dyes, Ever-changing with the light Of the sun, of the moon, Of the tide, and the gloaming, And surging, and sighing,Of the sea . . . Of that space That calls to me Beyond the Polished Pier, Beyond the now, and here.Echo of ocean breath, Silhouette of Light, Indescribable description Passing, mortal fathoming. Passion, ebbing into solace, Upon … [Read more...]