Sheep Behaving Sheepishly


I am a great fan of Dan Lewis' Now I Know.  The small paperback is chock-full of fascinating facts and amazing anecdotes, and things you never knew you wanted to know:  What happens to lost luggage?  What happened to the flags left on the moon?  Did New York City have a plan to reduce crime by banning pinball?Not only do I enjoy picking up Dan's book from time to time, I also receive his daily trivia email.And today, Lewis talks about sheep. *     *     *     *     * Remember those shep … [Read more...]

“Make Lunch Meaningful”: One Father’s Timeless Gift to His Daughter

Napkin Notes

Dads with daughters:  Get ready to be inspired.  This is for you.Garth Callaghan began writing "Napkin Notes" for his daughter Emma when she was five years old.  Little one-liners, they offered encouragement, made her smile, made her think, made her know how much she was loved.  The daily notes, tucked into her school lunchbox, included quotes from Mark Twain and Maya Angelou and Erma Bombeck and more.It became a happy tradition:  Garth turned out a personal note every day.  Emma loved th … [Read more...]

SAY YES! Lisa Hendey Shows You How

The Grace of Yes

Okay, let's cut right to the chase: Lisa Hendey wants to be on Survivor. I mention this because it's that revelation in Lisa's new book, The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living, that caught me completely off guard and made me laugh out loud. Lisa is a busy evangelizer--writing, travelling, speaking, podcasting, running her website.  That she would aspire to spending 39 days on a desert island without coffee or WiFi, communing with the Cr … [Read more...]