Buy This Book! "The Church and New Media" Is for Everyone

Finally!  I really, really enjoyed my friend Brandon Vogt’s new book, The Church and New Media:  Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet.  So why did it take me so long to tell you that you need to go out and buy it?Anyway, it’s truly a fantastic how-to guide to the new media.  I thought I knew my way around the Internet, but I’m still applying the information I gleaned from this very helpful book.Writing about it for the Patheos Book Club, I said: Were St. Paul alive today … [Read more...]

Final Chapter: A Tribute to the Printed Word

I am a Collector of Words:  words in books, words in magazines, words from countless on-line articles which I print, stack, stuff, climb over, lose, and sometimes organize in hanging files.With Border’s Books closing its last Michigan store today, I thought I should say something special—offer some sort of fitting tribute to the printed word.Actually, I’ve been feeling pretty glum about words lately. In the past few weeks, I’ve shopped at the now-defunct Border’s shops three times, e … [Read more...]

TOMORROW IS CHESTERTON DAY! Well, If You’re in Rome, That Is.

I spotted the announcement this morning:  Over on Facebook, Fr. Antonio Spadaro, S.J.—one of the organizers of the Vatican Blogfest—reported enthusiastically that tomorrow is Chesterton Day at La Civilta Cattolica, the College of Catholic Writers of Civilization.So I looked it up.  The panelists!  The topics!  And it’s free!!  Now all I need to do is buy another ticket to Rome, head to the Via di Porta Pinciana….  *     *     *     *     * Well, that’s just silly.  Funny how, when you do someth … [Read more...]