Everyday Wisdom from Pope Francis’ Daily Homilies–Now All in One Place!

Encountering Truth

How often I've enjoyed the little pearls of wisdom which come from Pope Francis' morning homilies! "That would be a great blog post!" I say to myself; but all too frequently, I don't get around to writing about it. Life goes on.Each morning when he's at home in Vatican City, Pope Francis celebrates an early morning Mass in the chapel at his residence, the Domus Sanctae Marthae.  The audience varies--journalists, nuns and priests, office workers, gardeners, and heads of state; and the homily, … [Read more...]

Redeemed by Grace: Another Abortion Worker Comes Over to the Side of Truth

Redeemed by Grace

Through the years, I've met several people who have worked in the abortion industry, and who have then experienced a dramatic conversion and joined pro-life forces:Abby Johnson, whose  work on behalf of Planned Parenthood is recounted in the book Unplanned; Carol Everett, former abortion provider and former owner of several abortion clinics in the state of Texas; Rebecca Hamilton, Catholic blogger and former legislator who served as director of NARAL in her home state of Oklahoma before … [Read more...]

Inklings of the Gospel: Fr. Robert Barron’s Latest Book Finds Meaning in Popular Culture

Seeds of the Word

Raise your hand if you remember CliffsNotes.  Those black and yellow-striped study guides were a boon to the hapless undergrad who lingered too late at the fraternity kegger, squandering his time with new friends when he should have been studying for his Lit exam.  For just a few dollars, CliffsNotes offered a quick plot summary, description of the characters, and analysis of the theme.  Ideally, CliffsNotes would be a companion to the complete masterpiece, offering insights without replacing the … [Read more...]