Will Father Emil Kapaun Be Beatified Soon? (UPDATED)

The author interviewing Lieut. William Funchess (Photo: Dcn. Jerry Schiffer)

Father Emil Kapaun, a priest of the Diocese of Wichita, was a U.S. military chaplain and prisoner of war during the Korean War who has been called a "Shepherd in Combat Boots." In 2013 he was honored posthumously by President Barack Obama, who presented the Medal of Honor. His cause for Beatification is currently being considered by the Vatican.Now, the Most Reverend Carl A. Kemme, Bishop of Wichita, has declared a Year of Father Kapaun, beginning June 7, 2015 and concluding June 9, 20 … [Read more...]

Four 19th Century Nuns, Representing Three Nations and Four Unique Charisms, to Become Saints

They came from France, from Italy and from Palestine.  They founded new religious orders; and their orders worked with the elderly and small children, operated a monastery, established missions in many lands, and operated 50 Catholic colleges, providing an education to 35,000 new students per year. On Saturday, February 14, at the close of the Consistory, Pope Francis announced that he will elevate four holy women to sainthood in May.  The new soon-to-be-saints are: Marie-Alphonsine Danil Gh … [Read more...]

Sainthood Investigation for Fr. Paul Wattson, Graymoor Founder, Receives Support from Bishops

The U.S. Bishops, on November 11, 2014 at their Fall General Assembly in Baltimore, voted to support the local investigation into the life and work of Fr. Paul Wattson, co-founder of Graymoor Abbey.  This local investigation  into the priest's life, work and personal sanctity is the first step toward formally opening a possible Cause for Canonization.The bishops, by a unanimous voice vote, supported the advancement of the Cause at the local level. *     *     *     *     *Who was Father … [Read more...]