Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Forced to Provide Contraceptive Coverage, Sins Not

Health Insurance

Negligence.  Ignorance.  Inertia.These are some of the reasons why Catholic dioceses might offer employees’ health insurance plans which include coverage for contraception which violates Church teaching, according to Dr. Janet Smith.Dr. Smith, who holds the Father Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, was Al Kresta’s guest on “Kresta in the Afternoon” May 28.  She was responding to a New York Times article which reported that Cardinal Timothy … [Read more...]

EQUAL TIME: Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer at the Democratic National Convention

Cardinal Dolan

Last week, I posted Cardinal Dolan’s prayer at the Republican National Convention in its entirety.It seemed an omission, then, not to post his prayer at the conclusion of the Democratic Convention, as well.  Although it’s been posted on-line in several places, including on Cardinal Dolan’s own blog, I am pleased to do my part to spread the word:  At the convention which has been dubbed the “abortion-palooza” for its flagrant celebration of abortion rights, Cardinal Dolan again offered an unap … [Read more...]

Al Kresta’s Analysis of This Whole “Al Smith Dinner” Thing

Al Kresta

I invited Al Kresta, CEO of Ave Maria Radio and host of the nationally-syndicated "Kresta In The Afternoon," to comment regarding the controversy that's been swirling around Cardinal Dolan's invitation to President Obama to participate in the Al Smith Dinner.I knew I could count on Al to deliver a poignant response, well considered and well expressed.  What follows is a first for me:  A guest post by Al Kresta! … [Read more...]