The Didache Bible: An Outstanding New Resource for Understanding God’s Word

The Didache Bible

The Didache Bible arrived on my doorstep recently, and it's quickly become my new go-to source for Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About the Scriptures.I'm a collector of books, and I count on my shelves about 30 different editions of the Bible.  A Parallel Bible, a Children's Bible, Study Bibles, a Christian Women's Bible, an African American Bible....  Each contains the word of God, of course, but each adds something--commentaries, reflections, meditations, artwork--intended t … [Read more...]

From John Michael Talbot: Wisdom Gleaned from the Early Church Fathers

The Ancient Path - Talbot

When Little Portion Hermitage burned to the ground in 2008, I was working at a treatment center for clergy and religious; and I can still remember the morning when a co-worker popped into my office with a photo of the conflagration.It was shocking--tongues of flame licking the night sky, destroying the serenity of that holy place.I haven't thought about the fire in years, but I was touched anew when I read the deeply personal account from John Michael Talbot.   He was there in 2008, w … [Read more...]

CHOSEN: A Confirmation Study Program to Capture Teens’ Hearts and Minds

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I was thirteen once. It was a year of deep emotional turmoil: I was awash in hormones, and I felt gangly and unattractive.I was an honor student, competent at rote memorization; but I struggled to understand the deeper meaning of the accumulated facts which competed for my attention.I was uncertain whether the faith which I'd inherited from my parents, and which had governed my life to that point, would be a life-long habit, or whether I'd go to college and drift off into something … [Read more...]