Tweeting with GOD: Bold New Evangelization for a New Generation

Tweeting with GOD

I review books all the time--and I enjoy reading them, enjoy shiny new ideas well elucidated, enjoy the interplay of paper and ink and sometimes leather.... But it's not every day that I read a book and think, "Oh my gosh, I've got to buy another copy for _________ and one for _________ and one for __________."Poised to become an international bestseller, Father Michel Remery's just-released book Tweeting with God is a slicked up hot rod of an evangelization tool--answering every question t … [Read more...]

The Didache Bible: An Outstanding New Resource for Understanding God’s Word

The Didache Bible

The Didache Bible arrived on my doorstep recently, and it's quickly become my new go-to source for Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About the Scriptures.I'm a collector of books, and I count on my shelves about 30 different editions of the Bible.  A Parallel Bible, a Children's Bible, Study Bibles, a Christian Women's Bible, an African American Bible....  Each contains the word of God, of course, but each adds something--commentaries, reflections, meditations, artwork--intended t … [Read more...]

From John Michael Talbot: Wisdom Gleaned from the Early Church Fathers

The Ancient Path - Talbot

When Little Portion Hermitage burned to the ground in 2008, I was working at a treatment center for clergy and religious; and I can still remember the morning when a co-worker popped into my office with a photo of the conflagration.It was shocking--tongues of flame licking the night sky, destroying the serenity of that holy place.I haven't thought about the fire in years, but I was touched anew when I read the deeply personal account from John Michael Talbot.   He was there in 2008, w … [Read more...]