As Scottish Bishops Oppose “Opt-Out” for Organ Donation, a Review of Catholic Church Teaching

Organ transplant

As Scottish voters take to the polls today to vote on whether or not to declare independence from the United Kingdom, the Scottish bishops have released a statement on another matter:  proposed "opt-out" legislation concerning organ donation in that country. The Proposed Organ and Tissue Donation (Scotland) Bill, according to the Bishops Conference of Scotland, removes the"...important principle of consent in our legal system and undermines the integrity of the person."The bill in que … [Read more...]

So…. Did Jesus Really Have Brothers and Sisters?

Jesus - Sermon on the Mount

 “Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon, and are his sisters here with us?" --Mark 6:3DID JESUS HAVE BROTHERS AND SISTERS? The Gospel of Mark would seem to say so.And not only in the Gospel of Mark.  In Luke 8:19-21, the topic comes up again. Jesus is told by a crowd gathered to hear him speak.  The crowd says, “Your mother and your brothers are standing outside, wanting to see you.” But Jesus, rather than inviting the rest of his … [Read more...]

What Part of “Keep Holy the Lord’s Day” Don’t You Understand?

People in church

Ah, Summertime!Time to kick back, forget to set the alarm clock, enjoy a leisurely breakfast over the morning paper....BUT WAIT!  The clock is ticking....and if you don't hurry, you'll NEVER make it to Mass on time!What, you can pray as well out in nature, you say?  Blah, blah....But here's the thing:God told us, in the Third Commandment, to "Keep Holy the Lord's Day."  That's "holy" as in "pray."  Devote that one day each week to God in a special way.  Make it … [Read more...]