Controversy at Marian High School: Firing of Pregnant Lesbian Teacher Sparks Protests

Protest at Marian HS - 9-15-14 022

There's an important meeting happening today at Marian High School.  Today Sister Mary Jane Herb, president of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHMs), will address faculty and staff at the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan school. Sister Mary Jane will be responding to recent protests over the dismissal of Barb Webb, a chemistry teacher and coach, following disclosure of her "non-traditional pregnancy."  Webb, a lesbian, "married" her partner Kristen Las in 2012 in a ceremony in W … [Read more...]

The Conversion of Fr. Ignatius, Ancestor of Princess Diana of Wales

Fr. Ignatius Spencer

 Did you know that Princess Diana of Wales had a relative who may become a Catholic saint?I once knew this story--but it had fallen from memory until I read an article by Simon Caldwell in today's Catholic Herald. In his article about Prince William, Caldwell mentioned the great-great-great uncle of the Prince's mother, Diana, who was an Anglican vicar until he converted to Catholicism at the age of 31.  Once Catholic, he was ordained a priest and ultimately became a Pas … [Read more...]

The Dalmatic Is Dramatic. But Where Did It Come From?

Dalmatic 1

Priests wear chasubles.  Deacons wear dalmatics.My own husband is a deacon, so I already know that.  An awful lot of Catholics don't know, though, how to tell the difference between the liturgical attire for a priest and a deacon.Here's a big hint:  Sleeves!The chasuble, the outer garment worn by a priest during Mass, does not have sleeves.  The deacon's dalmatic is a matching garment, in the same liturgical color, but it has wide sleeves.This has been on my mind since I read thi … [Read more...]