A Great Catholic Oscar Put-Down

Best Tweet on Oscars

I spotted this over on Reddit, and it's too good not to share.Make fun of the Oscars?  Check. Nudge Catholics to really live their faith?  Check. Make me laugh:  Check. … [Read more...]

An Exposition Tabernacle: One Solution to That French “Desecration” Problem

Exposition Tabernacle 1

Bishop Pascal Roland, bishop of the Diocese of Bellay-Ars in France, has ordered that the Blessed Sacrament be removed from all tabernacles in his diocese, and the tabernacle doors kept open to show that it is empty.  After thieves desecrated ten churches in the diocese since October, stealing consecrated hosts from five of them, the bishop ordered that consecrated hosts be kept in a more secure location.The Diocese of Bellay-Ars described the most recent thefts on its … [Read more...]

SAYING GOODBYE: Website on End-of-Life Issues Is a Critical Resource for Catholics

Now and At the Hour of My Death

The New York Catholic Conference, with a generous grant from Our Sunday Visitor, has announced an important website which explains end-of-life issues from a Catholic perspective.CatholicEndOfLife.org can help individuals facing the end of life and their families to navigate the end-of-life questions and challenges, and bring peace to a stressful situation. The site provides links to trustworthy resources, guidance, and support from Catholic sources all across the country.The site isn't ju … [Read more...]