Pope Francis’ Christmas Gift to Rome’s Poor: Phone Cards and Metro Tickets

Missionary Sisters of Charity welcome pilgrims and the needy to one of their helping centers

Pope Francis has been making a list and checking it twice. On his first Christmas as Pope, the Holy Father is giving 2,000 prepaid telephone cards and 4,000 day tickets for the Metro, Rome’s underground rail system, to Rome’s poorest and most marginalized citizens.Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, Almoner of His Holiness, will deliver 2,000 envelopes to locations and shelters in Rome where aid is offered by the Sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and by volunteers.  The Sisters and volun … [Read more...]

Can It Be True? Can St. Josaphat’s Steeple Be Saved?

St. Josaphat - steeple

Last month, a storm passed through Metropolitan Detroit—downing power lines, ripping branches off of trees, and causing serious damage to the iconic steeple at Detroit’s historic St. Josaphat Catholic Church.I wrote about it then, assuming the worst:  that although shingles could be replaced, the spire had sustained such critical damage that the lurching, twisted steeple would be torn down, sounding a death knell for the aging parish.NOT SO FAST!A campaign has been launched to save an … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, the U.S. Bishops, and Now YOU Can Help the Philippines!

Philippines - need food

As the first relief shipments arrive in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines, Pope Francis and the U.S. Bishops have stepped up to help—and your help is needed, too!The first wave of U.S. and Philippine cargo planes have delivered 66 tons of relief supplies; but delivery of supplies to where they're needed most is difficult because of flooded roads, damaged infrastructure, and throngs of stunned survivors who roam the streets in the port city of Tacloban, faces shielded against the stench of dead … [Read more...]