Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus

In 1897 Francis Pharcellus Church, who had been a war correspondent during the Civil War, was working as an editor at The Sun, a prominent New York City newspaper.In 1897 an eight-year-old girl by the name of Virginia O’Hanlon asked her father whether Santa Claus really existed.  Her father—Dr. Philip O’Hanlon, a coroner’s assistant from Manhattan’s Upper West Side—encouraged her to write to The Sun to ask the question.  “If you see it in The Sun,” he said, “it’s so.”Francis Church answer … [Read more...]

Merry Progressive Holiday!

Progressive Christmas

It's that time of year--when we sing about the birth of the newborn King.... or else we don't.If you are irritated this year by the disappearance of Christmas' religious significance in the public square, you'll get a chuckle listening to these "Progressive Christmas Carols." God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen We wish you happy holidays, whoever you may be So merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, or heck all three We've modernized these jingles for the massive bourgeoisie Love, The Updated … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened to “Merry Christmas”?

Excuse me, but isn't there something special happening in the next couple of weeks?We're almost halfway through Advent, and you know what I'm missing? Christmas lights! I miss colored lights on all the shops, as we drive through the business district.I miss music--I miss singing along to the strains of "O Holy Night" wafting through the department stores and blaring from speakers along the sidewalks.I miss Santa's boisterous "Ho, ho, ho!" in the mall, the smiles of shoppers with … [Read more...]