San Francisco’s Unwashed “Masses”: Better Safe Than Soggy

Water drips

Is there anyone else out there who is troubled by all the finger-wagging over the San Francisco Cathedral's sprinkler system?I mean, we LOVE the poor.  We should reach out and help them.  The social doctrine of the Catholic Church, as I mentioned in my post earlier this week, speaks often about the Preferential Option for the Poor.   Jesus loved the poor, fed them (like the crowds gathered on the hillside near Bethsaida in Galilee), healed them (like the ten lepers), urged his followers to he … [Read more...]

This Heavy Snow Is a Mess for People–But Just Think How Bad It Is for Churches!

By ForestWander (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The storms of 2015 are hard on parishes which are buried in snow!You heard it directly from the bishop:  On February 13, as Snowmageddon, that most fearsome of storms, approached the Northeastern U.S., Bishop Thomas J. Tobin told Catholics in the Diocese of Providence to stay home from Sunday Mass if driving conditions were dangerous.And conditions have been so dangerous!  What with the frigid temperatures, the icy roads and the piled snow, many people who attend Mass regularly have been … [Read more...]

Diocese of St. Augustine Honors the Virgin Mary, Breastfeeding Mother

On Saturday, October 11, the Diocese of St. Augustine will honor Mary in her role as a new mother nursing her infant.Bishop Felipe J. Estévez, head of the northeastern Florida diocese which is the oldest diocese in the United States, has declared the Feast of Our Lady of La Leche to be celebrated throughout the diocese.He also instituted a Jubilee Year in commemoration of the Blessed Mother, celebrating the 450th anniversary of the founding of America's oldest city at the site of the cu … [Read more...]