St. John Vianney, Pray for Us

St. John Vianney - stained glass

Today is the Memorial of St. John Vianney, patron of priests.Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, a French parish priest, was born in 1786 and died on August 4, 1859.  His parents were forced to drive great distances to attend Mass in the countryside, since it was illegal in France at the time.  His education had been interrupted by the French revolution, and he twice failed the exams required before he could be ordained.As a priest, he was named pastor of a small church in the remote French h … [Read more...]

This Lent, Go To Confession! New Website Can Help

Good Confession

Whatever happened to Confession?  A generation ago, Catholics lined up on Saturday afternoon to take advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation at their local parish.  Nowadays, not so much.  CARA, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University, asked Catholics in 2005 and again in 2008 about the frequency with which they took advantage of the sacrament.  The results were discouraging:  Only 2 percent of self-identified Catholics went to Confession once a mor … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: “Confession Is For the Courageous”

Confession to Christ

"The forgiveness of our sins is not something we can offer ourselves." That was Pope Francis' message to thousands of faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square for the General Audience on Wednesday, February 19. "...It is not the result of our efforts, but rather a gift from the Holy Spirit, which fills us from the wellspring of mercy and grace that surges endlessly from the open heart of Christ, crucified and risen again. … It reminds us that it is only by allowing ourselves to be reconciled th … [Read more...]