Frankenmuth’s Historic Cross Is Latest Symbol to Face Secular Attack

Frankenmuth - Bicentennial Cross

“Wie gut und schön es ist Jesus zu sehen.”   How good and wonderful it is to see Jesus.That was the message which Wilhelm Loehe hoped to convey to the Chippewa Indians living in the Saginaw Valley region of Michigan.  Loehe was the pastor of a country church in Neuendettelsau, Mittelfranken, Kingdom of Bavaria.  In the mid-1800s Loehe organized a Lutheran missionary society which is still operating today, and he began training teachers and pastors for work in the United States.  In 1844, he d … [Read more...]

The “Show Me State” Shows Us That They Pray

Seal of the State of Missouri

Welcome to Missouri, a land of fertile plains, rolling hills, well-watered prairies and historic rivers…. and Prayer. On August 8, Missourians voted by a wide margin (83% of voters, or 780,000 people) for Amendment 2, a constitutional amendment which protects Missouri residents’ right to pray in public.  Missouri’s Catholic bishops backed the amendment, issuing a statement on August 3 which said “True religious freedom does not just constitute freedom to worship on Sunday, but also includes t … [Read more...]

Tax Away, Big Government! ACA Moves Forward

Supreme Court on Obamacare

Well, that just put a lid on everything I had been planning to tell you about today.  How can you screech about a new video game, or crabby comboxes, or ice cream flavors, when our federal government continues to usurp cherished American freedoms?Obamacare cannot be supported under the Commerce Clause, ruled the Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote; but it can be implemented as a tax. Yessiree:  Despite President Obama’s multiple assertions that “This is not a tax,” a tax it is.  So said the Supre … [Read more...]