Pro-Abort Comedienne’s Disgusting Rant Against Hobby Lobby

Comedian pro abort

Leftist comedienne Laura Levites would like to castrate every male conservative Christian so that they have no "reproductive rights", and she offers to pay for the surgery for Hobby Lobby CEO David Green.No, that's not all.  She proclaims she'd like to purchase a saw from Home Depot to cut off Green’s male organ so she can “shove it up his a**.”Levites, an atheist who hates Christians and conservatives, called folks like us "scumbags" and asked, "Why can't Agent Orange be legal?" *     * … [Read more...]

March Madness, Vasectomies and the Really Manly Man


In Spring a young man's fancy turns to.... vasectomies??You may have seen something of this in the news this week. Apparently, some urologists have noted as much as a 50% increase in the number of vasectomies scheduled during or just before NCAA basketball's MARCH MADNESS tournament.The reasoning is this: If you're going to be lounging around on the couch for a couple of days anyway, eyes glued to the television screen watching college basketball, why not have that vasectomy you've been … [Read more...]

Breaking: Another Catholic Challenge to Health Care Law

Religious Freedom 2

A coalition of Catholic employers has filed a new lawsuit against the federal government, demanding that they be excluded from the HHS Mandate.The Catholic Business Association, one of the plaintiffs in the case, represents nearly 200 Catholic dioceses, agencies and businesses which together employ more than 19,000 staff nationwide.  The CBA objects to providing health insurance which includes coverage for contraceptives and abortions.  The association explains that the so-called "c … [Read more...]