Walgreens Lawsuit Points Out the Problem with Consumer Protests: Where to Shop!

Wallgreens logo

Tell me:  Where am I supposed to buy aspirin and sundries now?I’m trying to be politically correct and support consumer sentiment; but my drug store options are shrinking! It’s no longer politically correct to support CVS or Rite-Aid or Walgreens.So where’s a girl supposed to get shampoo and bandaids and birthday cards and the occasional candy bar? CVS PHARMACY Recently I wrote about CVS Pharmacy‘s new plan to discontinue sales of all tobacco products. I was pleased by that positive sig … [Read more...]

All These Little Ragamuffins: Pat Robertson Sticks Foot in Mouth Again

Pat Robertson

Oh, Pat.Pat Robertson, the outspoken and controversial host of The 700 Club, has quite a reputation for bucking convention and sticking his foot in his mouth.He’s the guy who told a woman caller on his show that if her husband was unfaithful, she was to blame—that men had a "tendency to wander", and it was the woman’s responsibility to entice him by providing a warm and happy home.In 1991, he focused his criticism on other Protestant denominations, saying, "You say you're supposed to … [Read more...]