A Conversion of Consequence: Russell Saltzman Has Crossed the Tiber

Russell E. Saltzman

It is with great pleasure that I welcome my friend Russell E. Saltzman, a former Lutheran pastor and a former journalist, into the Catholic Faith.In the years since we became internet friends, Russ--who has been a columnist for First Things--has shared delightful stories about his friendship with the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus.  I was pleased, a few months ago, to review Russ's book Speaking of the Dead: When We All Fall Down, a book of funeral homilies which offered a glimpse into Russ' f … [Read more...]

The Conversion of Fr. Ignatius, Ancestor of Princess Diana of Wales

Did you know that Princess Diana of Wales had a relative who may become a Catholic saint?I once knew this story--but it had fallen from memory until I read an article by Simon Caldwell in today's Catholic Herald. In his article about Prince William, Caldwell mentioned the great-great-great uncle of the Prince's mother, Diana, who was an Anglican vicar until he converted to Catholicism at the age of 31.  Once Catholic, he was ordained a priest and ultimately became a Passionist.Caldwell ex … [Read more...]

An Atheist’s Last Stand: Jennifer Fulwiler’s Journey to the Catholic Church

Something Other Than God 001

"What was wrong with me that I had to leave a place that I loved in many ways because I couldn't be around religious people?  Why was I always so close to an existential crisis that I couldn't function like a normal person?  Nobody struggled with that kind of thing.  The other atheists I knew didn't seem to have any problem with the fleetingness of human life.  I'd never met anyone else who seemed troubled by the insanity of religious fervor, or who had their thoughts constantly drifting in t … [Read more...]