Cleavage = Control? I Don’t Think So!

Cleavage of a woman

There's power in cleavage?That was the claim of a recent Detroit Free Press article by columnist Georgea Klovanis which had me steaming.  "Cleavage," the article informed me, "is a powerful, powerful thing."The article quoted Elisabeth Dale, who calls herself a "breast expert" and who writes a blog titled The Breast Life.  "Breasts are very magical," says Dale.   “...They have the power to sustain life.  They’re a huge part of a woman’s own sexuality.  They’ve been taken over by advertis … [Read more...]

Society Continues Death Spiral, As Runners Speed Naked Through Detroit Streets

Cupid Undie Run

This morning, a thousand people stripped to their underwear and ran near-naked through the streets of downtown Detroit.I don't know how I missed this event last year, but the Cupid Undie Run is apparently big stuff, not only here in Michigan but in cities across America.   This isn't Ann Arbor's "Naked Mile," in which a bunch of drunk fraternity boys run through a college town under cover of night, as overwhelmed police look the other way.  This is US--American citizens, old and young, male a … [Read more...]

Stephen Baldwin to Play Pastor With a Pub in Proposed New Family-Friendly Sitcom

Stephen Baldwin as Pastor Keaton

 A Pastor Walks Into a Bar…It’s not a joke!  A new sitcom is in development which chronicles the unlikely story of a pastor who inherits the Hard Knocks Bar right across the street from his church.Actor Stephen Baldwin would play Pastor Keaton of Solid Rock Church, the lead role in “Rock and a Hard Place”, a television series envisioned by radio personality and comedian Darren Marlar.  John W. Schlitt of the Christian rock band Petra has also been slated to play a role in the … [Read more...]