Do Not Get Married in the Penguin Exhibit

Penguin wedding

I saw this photo trending over on Reddit:  A happy couple beginning their life together surrounded by.... penguins.And it got me thinking about some of the other possibilities for wedding locales.I mean, you can marry on a roller coaster.......or on a glacier...You can vow to love, honor and cherish while standing in a cave...Or you can celebrate your love by marrying on a pirate ship...If you're a runner, you can celebrate your new life together and get … [Read more...]

The Most Post-Christian Cities

Societal collapse 2

Chances are that if you’re a sincere Christian, you are occasionally discouraged by the apparent downward spiral of American culture.  From abortion to embryonic stem cell research, from random promiscuity to casual hook-ups to same-sex marriage, from twerking to offensive TV network programming….there is evidence that our society has reduced its standards and widened the range of behaviors it is willing to tolerate.And religion (or the lack thereof) plays an important role in fostering self- … [Read more...]

CNN’s Belief Blog Scores a Win with Christian Recording Artist Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin - CNN

Hitting the stands tomorrow:  a new CD/DVD edition of “Burning Lights”, the chart topping album by popular contemporary Christian artist Chris Tomlin. The 2013 album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, becoming the only fourth contemporary Christian album in history to do so.Tomlin is a prolific songwriter, with at least 128 Christian contemporary songs currently in play.  He is, according to CNN, “the undisputed king of worship music, a genre of Christian music sung on Sunday mo … [Read more...]