On Facing Death, and Just Watching Through the Window

Dave Benton

I've been thinking about Death.It's not that I'm morose or depressed or anxious to get on with the business of sliding into the next life.  There have, though, been a couple of articles in the news recently that have brought awareness of Death front and center:First, there's the trending story about the broadcaster who announced, during his regular newscast, that his brain cancer has taken a turn for the worse--and that he has only four to six months to live. And then, here in Mich … [Read more...]

145 Unclaimed Bodies Laid to Rest in Archdiocese of Detroit

Our Lady of Hope Cemetery 2

The seventh corporal work of mercy is to bury the dead.  Usually, we fulfill that work by attending a funeral liturgy and praying for the deceased.  We help a bereaved friend or loved one who is grieving, listening to her stories and drying her tears, helping her to find peace and to pass through the emotional turmoil of loss. In the Archdiocese of Detroit, though, the command has taken on added significance this week as 145 unclaimed bodies have been laid to rest at Our Lady of Hope Cemetery in … [Read more...]

Police Seek Clues in Tony Palmer Motorcycle Death


As news becomes available, we learn that it was a head-on collision in Chelwood, U.K. that led to the death of evangelical pastor Tony Palmer July 20.Bishop Palmer caught the attention of the world in February 2014, when he carried Pope Francis' video greeting to Pentecostals gathered at the Kenneth Copeland conference.A reader has sent this information from the Bath Chronicle.  Although the article doesn't name the victim, the reader--who lives in the local area--confirms that this is … [Read more...]