Elmore Leonard Is Dead; Soon We Will Be, Too

Elmore Leonard

A few weeks ago, I and a crowd of fans, shoppers and curious onlookers spent a chilly Sunday afternoon touring Elmore Leonard's house-- browsing his bookshelves, checking out worn holiday decorations in the basement and rusty hand tools in the garage, fingering a favorite coffee mug.Elmore "Dutch" Leonard died in August 2013 at the age of 87, following a stroke.  In March 2014, his heirs brought in a management company to hold an Estate Sale, parting with the trinkets and trivets the … [Read more...]

Melting Corpses?! What Does the Church Teach About Burial and Respect for the Dead?


If you die on Malta, if a proposed alternate corpse disposal system is approved,your soft tissues could be melted down into a thick, syrupy paste, then along with standard waste, it could be dumped into the sewer system or used to fertilize crops, Your bones could be ground up, then returned to your family, like ashes, to be scattered.The island of Malta is pretty small--only about 95 square miles.  And it's pretty crowded, with more than 450,000 residents. So getting rid of dea … [Read more...]

Popular Priest, Theologian and Author Reaches Mountaintop — Then Falls and Dies

Fr Robert Cormier

Father Robert Cormier, a New Jersey priest and author, has died in a tragic 1,000-foot fall from the top of Mount Hood.According to MY9NJ.com, the local Fox News affiliate in Jersey City: Sheriff's office spokesman Pete Hughes said Cormier ascended Mount Hood's south side with two others, one of whom suffered a leg cramp.Cormier continued alone and appeared to reach the summit before he fell near Eliot Glacier at the volcanic peak 50 miles east of Portland.A helicopter photographed … [Read more...]