Pew Forum: Religious Hostilities on the Rise World-wide

Pew Forum - religious liberty by year

In the period from 2007 - 2012, news reports of religious hostilities have increased significantly.A report just released by the Pew Research Center shows a dramatic increase in religious persecution worldwide in the past six years.  According to Pew: Religious hostilities increased in every major region of the world except the Americas.  The sharpest increase was in the Middle East and North Africa, which still is feeling the effects of the 2010-11 political uprisings known as the Arab S … [Read more...]

Air Force Ignores Christmas in South Carolina, But Not in Washington DC

Air Force Nativity scene

A Nativity scene has been removed from Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, much to the delight of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.Conversely, in our nation’s capitol, the U.S. Air Force Band played a selection of Christmas hymns celebrating the birth of the Savior in the National Aeronautics and Space Museum—which is (oh dear!) a public building.I’M CONFUSED.Does the Constitution of the United States protect the free speech rights and the freedom to worship of ALL relig … [Read more...]

Stinking Thinking: Obama Advisor Would Reduce Suicide With Smaller Aspirin Bottles


Just when you get over the head-wagging over Mayor Bloomberg’s soft drink size restrictions, another guy proposes a new solution to reduce suicides: Stop selling large bottles of Tylenol. Ezekiel Emanuel, bioethicist and proponent of a voucher-based universal health care (aka Obamacare), has penned an op-ed in the New York Times asking the government to consider regulating the number of tablets in a bottle of Tylenol.  This, he thinks, is a “simple way” to reduce suicide rates.Here’s the lo … [Read more...]