Today is “Divorce Day”? No, Please–Keep Trying!

Kathy and Jerry 2

I was driving in the car when I heard this from a newscaster:  Today, January 2, is known in  the legal profession and among relationship counselors as "Divorce Day."This day, according to some, is the perfect time to end a marriage that's gone sour.  That's because it's the day when couples in a troubled relationship are most likely to call it quits.  One news source reports: According to experts, after months, or even years, of thinking about it, the tension of a fraught Christmas is often … [Read more...]

Just Released: Vatican’s “Lineamenta” for the Synod Includes Questions on Pastoral Care for Divorced, Homosexuals

The Vatican is gearing up for the 2015 General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, by releasing a 26-page Lineamenta for discussion by national bishops' conferences around the world.A Lineamenta is a text written in preparation for a Synod, and is intended to encourage bishops to invite the participation of all in the Church, so that they can enter into discussion and take a pastoral inventory.According to the Catholic Herald, the preparatory document includes 46 questions.  The Herald c … [Read more...]

CDF Official Reaffirms Church Teaching on Divorce and Remarriage

A Spanish archbishop who serves on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has reconfirmed Church teaching with regard to communion for divorced and remarried Catholics.Archbishop Ladaria Ferrer, a Spanish Jesuit who currently serves as Secretary of the Congregation of the Faith, was responding to a question from a French priest who wanted to know whether he could give absolution to a penitent who, having been married in a Catholic ceremony, contracted a second marriage after divorce. … [Read more...]