The Worst Liturgy I’ve Ever Seen. Ever.

The Easter Bunny reads the Prayers of the Faithful.I guess I should thank the Catholic Church Conservation blog for making me aware of this preposterous liturgical abuse.  It's hard to watch, though!  Lord have mercy.! … [Read more...]

The Brindellone: Florence’s “Burst of Cart” Heralds the Easter Season

Brindellone - Florence

The eleventh century was a difficult time for Christians in Europe. Muslims had conquered the Levant—a far-reaching geographic region which encompasses modern-day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian territories, and parts of Cyprus, Turkey and Iraq. The Holy Land, that part of the world where Jesus had walked and worked His miracles, was closed to Christians.Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Komnenos appealed to Pope Urban II, asking for western volunteers to help repel the invading S … [Read more...]

Saw You at Church Today! Now C’mon Back, You Hear?

People in pews

Hello, old friend!Gosh, it was so great to see you this morning! It seems there was snow on the ground the last time we happened to meet, squeezed together in a pew then, too, just as today. Last time, we sang Christmas hymns together; today, we sang of the Lord’s victory over the Cross.I know, things are a little confusing. The words have changed—not a lot, just a little bit, but it was sometimes hard for you to follow along. Don’t worry about it, though. Why, just last week I myself … [Read more...]