No Surprise Here! Vatican Conference Ends With Affirmation of Marriage

The Vatican's three-day colloquium on The Complementarity of Man and Woman in Marriage has ended today, not surprisingly, with an affirmation of marriage.What WAS surprising--at least to me--was the pure poetry of the closing statement.   Participants listened to a reading of "A New Affirmation of Marriage"--which explained why wedding celebrations are joyful.  The statement, along with additional information about the conference, can be accessed at the website; but for your convenience, I've … [Read more...]

Day of Prayer for Cardinal Newman Planned for October 11

Four years after the Beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman, C.O., there is a fresh impetus to advance the rigorous investigation necessary to declare him a saint.According to Bishop Robert Byrne, new auxiliary bishop of Birmingham in England, October 11 has been designated a Day of Prayer for Cardinal Newman.  Bishop Byrne, who is the first Oratorian priest to be ordained a bishop in England for 140 years, will celebrate a solemn Mass to pray for Newman's canonization.On October 1 … [Read more...]

Archbishop Welby: “Don’t Give Up On Us” After Vote to Ordain Women Bishops

"Don't give up on us.... We need each other!"  That was the message from Archbishop Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, to the Orthodox and Catholic churches this week, after the General Synod of the Church of England voted to ordain women bishops.With so much troubling the world today, Archbishop Welby emphasized that common witness to the Gospel was of greater importance than ever.But try as he might, Archbishop Welby will not be able to reconcile that controversial vote with his … [Read more...]