Obama Loses Stay-at-Home Moms’ Support (If He Ever Had It)

Mom at home

There's quite a brew erupting in social media over remarks by President Obama this week about stay-at-home mothers.  I am reminded, as I was when he made the infamous remark in 2011 about not wanting his daughters to be "punished with a baby", that the President and I reside in different universes on social issues.Speaking yesterday in Rhode Island, the president called for more taxpayer-spending on early education programs in order to "make sure that women are full and equal participants in … [Read more...]

Oklahoma School District Stands Up to the Atheists

Letter from Oklahoma school district

For eighteen years, a poster has hung in the Kenneth Cooper Middle School in Oklahoma City.  The school has never received a complaint about the poster, a reproduction of "Faith in America" by American children's artist Donald Zolan.Until now.Somehow, the Freedom From Religion Foundation determined that the painting--which features two small children hands clasped in front of an American flag--was adversely affecting schoolchildren, making them think that American children pray.   … [Read more...]

Controversy at Marian High School: Firing of Pregnant Lesbian Teacher Sparks Protests

Protest at Marian HS - 9-15-14 022

There's an important meeting happening today at Marian High School.  Today Sister Mary Jane Herb, president of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHMs), will address faculty and staff at the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan school. Sister Mary Jane will be responding to recent protests over the dismissal of Barb Webb, a chemistry teacher and coach, following disclosure of her "non-traditional pregnancy."  Webb, a lesbian, "married" her partner Kristen Las in 2012 in a ceremony in W … [Read more...]