You Send Your Children to Catholic Schools to: (A) Become More Inclusive; or (B) Learn Church Teaching

Catholic teacher

Why do you send your children to Catholic schools?  Is it to: (A)  Learn tolerance and inclusiveness, accepting all ideas and lifestyles equally, regarding all as on an even playing field. (B)  Learn from their drama teacher how others feel by play-acting their lifestyles on "Rainbow Appreciation Day." (C)  Learn from their social studies teacher that all religions have something to offer, and all are equally true. (D)  Learn from their science teacher that religion is bunk. (E)  Learn from … [Read more...]

In Damascus, Catholic School Is Bombed

Armenian Catholic School

A sad report out of Syria:A nine-year-old child was killed, and 45 children and five teachers were injured, in a missile attack April 15 on the Armenian Catholic School in Damascus.Acting Armenian Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotian released a statement which was published on his Facebook page.  Ashotian said: “I was saddened to learn of the missile attacks on ‘Paros’ Armenian Catholic School, which left one pupil dead and many others injured, six of whom being in a grave co … [Read more...]