HOW DID WE GET HERE? Bill Nye’s Scientism vs. Ken Ham’s Creationism Face Off Tonight in Sold-Out Debate

Creationism - Debate Ticket

Bill Nye The Science Guy and Ken Ham, Creation Man, will face off in a debate this evening that's garnered a lot of attention on the Internet and in local communities.Tickets for the debate in the 800-seat auditorium at the Creation Museum in Kentucky sold out within twenty minutes after they went on sale yesterday.  The debate will air at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time on and, or via  And some folks I know are gathering at local churches to watch on a big s … [Read more...]

Chimp/Pig Hybrids? Scientist Claims We’ve Got Porcine Roots

The Odd Couple

There is a most excellent book titled A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy.  Authored by Wesley J. Smith, it warns of the deleterious consequences of the animal rights movement.  The title is evocative of a worldview which assigns moral equivalency to humans and animals; but everyone understands that it’s not true—that boys may OWN dogs and EAT pigs and KILL rats, but we’re not all the same.That is, until now.Now a geneticist who taught at the University of Georgia, one of the world’s leading … [Read more...]