You Want to Be My “Friend”? Then Tell Me Who You Are!!

OK, this is just a puzzle to me. 

WHY IN THE WORLD would someone join Facebook, then disguise or hide his or her face?

WHY would this elusive entity replace his/her profile pic with a bouquet of flowers, or a rock star, or some saint or public figure of olde, or a photo of his dog?

AND WHY would this enigmatic soul mate adopt a fake name like “Padre Pio” or “Lovely Sun” or “IGotRabies” or “CookiesnCream”?

AND WHY would this cryptic compatriot then send me a friend request?

AND WHY would this cabalistic confrere expect me to accept?  What, do I look like I was born yesterday?

*     *     *     *

A helpful hint:  If you’d like me to take you seriously, please show yourself in all your beauty and grace.

Thank you.


SUCCESS! Facebook Game Builds Faith, Exceeds One Million Players

I told you you’d love it!

Back in May 2012, when the new faith-based on-line game Journey of Jesus launched on Facebook, I interviewed “game developer and evangelist” Brent Dusing about his goal for the game.

Dusing explained that the company’s threefold goal is to create games which
(1) are fun to play,
(2) utilize high quality graphics and music, and
(3) are faithful to biblical truth.

When the first social networking game on the life of Jesus was introduced in May, players could choose from English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German versions.  Now, just three months after Lightside Games launched Journey of Jesus:  The Calling, more than 1 million fans are playing, and the game can be played in four more languages (Turkish, Indonesian, Russian and Tagalog).

And the game’s popularity transcends faith lines to reach players who may know little about traditional Christianity.  While theUnited States claims the top spot with 155 million users,Turkey is in third place, with 30.8 million people on the site.

Dusing credits his success, in part, to people’s curiosity about Christ.  “People from all different nations and creeds want to know more about Him,” Dusing explains. Journey of Jesus is a way for people to have fun and explore answers to questions they have about Jesus and His claims to be God.”

*     *     *     *     *

To learn more about Journey of Jesus: The Calling, visit

To jump right in and play the game, log onto Facebook and type Journey of Jesus: The Calling into the search bar. 

To see game designer Brent Dusing explain the game, check out the video below.


Tomatoes Are Christian?


The tomato, from the Salafis' Facebook page

Eating tomatoes is forbidden because they are Christian.  The tomato praises the cross instead of Allah, and says that Allah is three (a reference to the Trinity).

So says the Popular Egyptian Islamic Association, a literalist, radical Muslim group known as Salafists, on its Facebook page.  The group adds, “…spread this photo because there is a sister from Palestine who saw the prophet of Allah [Mohammad] in a vision and he was crying, warning his nation against eating them [tomatoes].  If you don’t spread this [message], know that it is the devil who stopped you.”

Egypt is home to more than 6 million Salafis.  That’s a lot of tomato sandwiches that will go uneaten!