FACEBOOK FERVOR: “Journey of Jesus” Is Newest Interactive Adventure

Journey of Jesus - map

Facebook users can now follow in the footsteps of Jesus, with help from a new on-line game. Journey of Jesus:  The Calling—the first-ever video game based on the life of Christ—launched on May 15, 2012.  The new video game, created by Lightside Games, follows last year’s highly successful Old Testament-themed adventure, Journey of Moses.” To play the game, Facebook users can simply type “Journey of Jesus: The Calling” into the search bar.  Registration is simple and free.  Players can cho … [Read more...]

A Red-Light Tribute to New York’s Beloved Cardinal

This story is beginning to make its way around the web—Rocco Palmo was the first, I think, to post a picture showing the New York skyline, in all its glory. Here it is:  The One World Trade Center building glowing red to honor New York’s own newly appointed Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan.U.S. Congressman Michael Grimm, who represents the 13th District of New York, is the guy to thank for this flamboyant salute to New York’s new cardinal.  Congressman Grimm first approached the Empire State Buildi … [Read more...]

No, Your Friend Can’t Sleep On My Couch: A Facebook Manifesto

I have a liberal policy toward Facebook friend requests.  Priests from Santa Clara, college kids from Boston, teens from Poughkeepsie, moms from Atlanta, fashion models from Paris, missionaries from Libya:  I accept them all. That doesn’t mean I read everything they write.  I block games and applications, for example—so if you’re cleaning my fish tank every week, God bless you, but don’t expect me to reciprocate by feeding your black phantom tetras.  If you’re reaching new levels in Mafia Wars, … [Read more...]