“God Is Saving and Protecting Us” –Passenger Who Skipped Doomed Flight

Sunday evening, Inge Goreti Ferdiningsih and her family went to church to give thanks for the gift of life.Nine months earlier, Goreti and her husband, Chandra Susanto, had booked a family vacation for the couple and their children Christopher 10, Nadine, 7, and Felix, 5.   The family planned to travel to Singapore, where they would take a trip aboard a local cruise ship, splash at a water park, and watch the animals perform at Sea World.  But then Chandra's father was hospitalized with h … [Read more...]

Hobby Lobby’s 2014 Christmas Message

Hobby Lobby - Christmas 2014

HOBBY LOBBY, the craft store which challenged the Affordable Care Act's requirement and refused to pay for abortifacient drugs as part of its employee health package, has once again celebrated the Christmas holiday by placing a full-page advertisement in newspapers around the country. Their latest message was designed in-house by an employee in Hobby Lobby's art department.  The advertisement, which I spotted in the Detroit News, ran on Christmas in 460 publications across the country.  This y … [Read more...]

Atheist’s “Modern Christmas Carol” Is an Indictment of Social Media

A Modern Christmas Carol

Bob Seidensticker, who writes at the Atheist Portal at Patheos, is a sparring partner and a friend.  Our paths don't cross on a daily basis; but when I write to counter some aspect of atheist thought, Bob is sure to pop in at my combox or on Facebook and tell me why I'm wrong.  He is always polite, and he helps to clarify why I'm actually quite right.Somehow, Bob has never appreciated the logic of a worldview that presupposes the existence of a Creator.And I, for my part, have not enough … [Read more...]