“Make Lunch Meaningful”: One Father’s Timeless Gift to His Daughter

Napkin Notes

Dads with daughters:  Get ready to be inspired.  This is for you.Garth Callaghan began writing "Napkin Notes" for his daughter Emma when she was five years old.  Little one-liners, they offered encouragement, made her smile, made her think, made her know how much she was loved.  The daily notes, tucked into her school lunchbox, included quotes from Mark Twain and Maya Angelou and Erma Bombeck and more.It became a happy tradition:  Garth turned out a personal note every day.  Emma loved th … [Read more...]

Brittany Maynard Revisited: Looks Like She’s Still Got Dying on Her Mind

Brittany Maynard 2

Sadly, it appears that I spoke too soon yesterday when I told you that Brittany Maynard didn't want to die.What Brittany meant to say was that she didn't want to die on Saturday.  But dying-- Well, yes, she's still got that very much in mind. *     *     *     *     * The terminal cancer patient released a new video Wednesday night, explaining that “I still feel good enough, and I still have enough joy, and I still laugh and smile with my family and friends enough that it doesn’t seem like … [Read more...]

Cardinal Burke: “Cardinal Kasper’s Synod Proposal Involves Disobedience to the Words of Our Lord Himself”

Cardinal Raymond Burke

The impending conflict among participants at this week's Synod is evident:Cardinal Kasper urges a reconsideration of communion for divorced and remarried Catholics. Cardinal Burke says no, that could never be.And the people in the pews line up behind one voice or the other--waiting, wondering, now in the countdown to the Synod on the Family which begins Sunday, October 5, in Rome.Disagreement is nothing new to the Church, said Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, prefect of the Supreme C … [Read more...]