Synod In The Modern Church: History and Hope

Pope Francis with bishops

When Pope Francis brings together key religious leaders from around the world for the October 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family, it will be only the third time in modern Church history that such an event has been held.The two earlier Extraordinary Synods--in 1969 and 1985--afforded an opportunity for reflection and regeneration.  For example, the Synod Fathers in 1985 saw a need for a tool to explain the tenets of the Faith with accuracy and consistency.  What emerged was a plan for a n … [Read more...]

Pope Francis Issues a Letter to Families

Pope Francis with family 1

This morning in Rome, Pope Francis issued a Letter to Families.  In the letter, he urged Catholics to pray for the upcoming Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which will open in October 2014.The Synod is being convened to discuss the theme of "pastoral challenges to the family in the context of evangelization."Here is the English translation of the Holy Father's letter. Dear families,With this letter, I wish, as it were, to come into your homes to speak about an … [Read more...]

What’s the Value of a Man? Pope Francis Shares His Insights

Value of a man

What is the value of a man?Benjamin Franklin quipped that from the neck down, a man was worth a couple of dollars a day; but from the neck up, he was worth anything he could think of.As donated organs and parts, a human body might be worth several million dollars.Broken down into its constituent chemicals, it's worth only about $4.50. *     *     *     *     * Pope Francis has answered this question in his own way, in a message this morning to participants in the General Assembly of … [Read more...]