GIMME SHELTER: New Pro-Life Film Coming to a Theatre Near You

Gimme Shelter

Apple Bailey is a 16-year-old runaway with an indomitable spirit.  She dreams of finding happiness and of escaping from the bleak street life she has known with her mother (Rosario Dawson), an addict and prostitute.  Apple, played by Vanessa Hudgens, tracks down the father she never knew (Brendan Fraser), who is now a successful Wall Street broker; but after only a few days in his home, Apple learns she is pregnant.When her father and stepmother direct her to seek an abortion, Apple runs a … [Read more...]

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Let Retailers Steal Your Family Time!

Thanksgiving - no shopping

The annual Christmas Commercialization Controversy is kicking in a day early in 2013. That’s because this year retailers across the country, clamoring for bigger profits, have extended the shopping season by one day—announcing that they will remain open on Thanksgiving Day.  That means that Thanksgiving Day, many dinners will be eaten on the fly, as mothers and their working teenage children head to the mall to shop or, conversely, to work at their retail jobs in stores where the shoppers wil … [Read more...]

Retiring Detroit Tigers Manager Jim Leyland Has Strong Catholic Ties

Jim Leyland

On Monday, October 21, Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland announced that he would be stepping down as manager after the team was eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Red Sox.  During his eight-year tenure, Leland had led the team to three division titles and two trips to the World Series; but the championship had eluded them.Leyland, whose successful career included managing the Colorado Rockies (1999), Florida Marlins (1997-98), and Pittsburgh Pirates (1986-96), has been a popular … [Read more...]