WHAT PRICE BEAUTY? Women Sever Toes to Fit High Heels

China - foot binding

1640 A.D.: Virtually all women in China bind their feet to attract a suitor.The painful practice was outlawed by the Qing Dynasty in 1902, but remained common until 1949, when the Communists assumed power and foot binding was finally ended.  The practice has been decried by modern-day feminists as a classic example of societal oppression of women. THIS IS BAD: 2012 A.D.:Women in U.S. have toes amputated to fit into excruciating high heeled shoes. THIS IS ALSO BAD.It bo … [Read more...]

HELLO, I’M WITH STUPID! Rude, Crude Children’s Clothing – UPDATED

Bad baby clothes 2

Isn't it abusive to use one’s baby as a billboard?The question may seem flip, but I’ve noticed that more and more parents are enlisting Junior’s help to promote their cause or their values.  This week, with St. Patrick’s Day on our minds, I’ve seen several infants wearin’ the green:  green beads, green t-shirts, hats, green plastic flashing beer bottles.But THIS!! Following negative feedback from shoppers, Sears Roebuck has just pulled a line of infant attire from its racks.  The in-your- … [Read more...]

Dress for [Liturgical] Success

Clothing - Mens Suit

 To visit the White House, you wear a dark blue suit, white shirt, and red tie. To visit Jesus in the Eucharist, you wear cut-offs, a t-shirt and sandals. To go for a job interview, you wear Your best outfit, hair neatly styled. To go to Sunday Mass, you wear a Bud-Light t-shirt, jeans with a small hole in the knee, and a comfy pair of Reeboks. To meet your son’s math teacher, you wear A tailored pair of slacks and a sweater. To meet the Creator of the Universe up close and pe … [Read more...]