From Peanuts to Preaching: President Carter Publishes a Bible

President Jimmy Carter

Former president Jimmy Carter, once a Georgia peanut farmer, once the leader of the free world, has just published a new bible.Called the Lessons From Life Study Bible, Carter’s new edition combines the NIV (New International Version) with Carter’s own, down-home advice and personal reflections.  The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Zondervan Publishing Company, which released the Lessons From Life Study Bible, expects to sell about 250,000 copies.President Carter is no stranger to the scri … [Read more...]

The Bishops Have Spoken—Now Let YOUR Voice Be Heard.


By now I’ll bet you’ve heard: On March 14, the U.S. Bishops released a response to the White House statement regarding the HHS Mandate.Depending on where you get your news, you may have heard that the bishops seem to have “calmed down” or are preparing to “accept the accommodation.”The editors of America magazine embarrassed themselves with an editorial encouraging the bishops to get over it and accept the White House’s program—with the result that the White House felt confident in lect … [Read more...]

Opposed to the HHS Mandate? Here’s What to Do….

So many Americans, from all faith backgrounds and all walks of life, are opposed to the Obama Administration’s decision to force Catholic organizations to provide sterilization, contraception and abortifacient drugs in their health care plans.This affront to religious liberty has been in the headlines and on the news—particularly in the Catholic world—every day, as we seek to influence our legislators to reject this assault on the First Amendment and on the Church. Now Ave Maria Radio has est … [Read more...]