Elmore Leonard Is Dead; Soon We Will Be, Too

Elmore Leonard

A few weeks ago, I and a crowd of fans, shoppers and curious onlookers spent a chilly Sunday afternoon touring Elmore Leonard's house-- browsing his bookshelves, checking out worn holiday decorations in the basement and rusty hand tools in the garage, fingering a favorite coffee mug.Elmore "Dutch" Leonard died in August 2013 at the age of 87, following a stroke.  In March 2014, his heirs brought in a management company to hold an Estate Sale, parting with the trinkets and trivets the … [Read more...]

The Flash Fiction of Ernest Hemingway

A guest post by Deacon Jerry SchifferBecomes Novelist. Supports life. Kills self.The words above (very loosely) represent a literary genre that has come to be known as “flash fiction”–the presentation of a story line that relies on few words to elicit the intellectual involvement and response of a reader.  Some peg the number of words allowed at 1,000; others at 500.  The most efficient example uses as few as six words to accomplish the author’s story-telling goals.The example of “flash … [Read more...]