Lighting a Candle: 66th Annual Christopher Awards Showcase Great Movies, Books

Christopher Awards

For 66 years, the Christopher Awards have honored those in media whose work has "affirmed the highest values of the human spirit."The works--feature films, TV and cable shows, books for adults and for young readers--are drawn from both the sacred and the secular. They tell both true stories and fiction. The common thread which unites the winners of the prestigious award is that they are inspiring stories of people who rise above their own wants and needs to act selflessly, regardless of the … [Read more...]

HEY KIDS! Are You an Inventor? Do You Want to Change the World?


 Are you a budding creative genius?Well, here's your chance to put that creativity to work:  Inspired by the upcoming Disney movie "Tomorrowland," the Walt Disney Studios, Disney Citizenship, and XPRIZE are announcing a nationwide challenge for young innovators age 8-17.Beginning April 22, 2015, Disney's Create Tomorrowland - XPRIZE Challenge invites kids to imagine themselves in the future and report back to the present through video imagery or stories about one new and a … [Read more...]

DO YOU BELIEVE? (Now Showing in Theaters Everywhere)


"Do You Believe?" is a question we must all answer in our lifetimes.  Now, "Do You Believe?" is the latest faith-based drama from Pure Flix Entertainment, creators of last year's Christian drama "God's Not Dead"."Do You Believe?" tells the story of different souls--all moving in different directions, all longing for something more.  The troubled war veteran, the pregnant teen, the urban kid struggling to stay away from the gang, the childless couple, the emergency medical technician, the ha … [Read more...]