Bergoglio’s List: The Untold Story of Pope Francis’ Heroism in the Face of Evil

Bergoglios List

In 1976, the Argentinian military overthrew the government of President Isabel Perón in the so-called "Dirty War."  In the ensuing nine years, the dictatorship suppressed "subversives"--abducting, torturing and even murdering as many as 30,000 people.At the time of the Dirty War, a 39-year-old Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio--the future Pope Francis--was head of the Jesuit province in Argentina.There have been conflicting stories about what he did during the dark years of dict … [Read more...]

Lafayette: The American Patriot Who Wasn’t Even an American Citizen

The American Catholic Almanac

Today, something different:  The story of a hero in the Revolutionary War, the Marquis de Lafayette.The following article is reprinted with permission from Image Books, publisher of The American Catholic Almanac by Brian Burch and Emily Stimpson.  I've written before about the Almanac, and how much I enjoy its colorful stories of Catholics from all walks of life.  I told the story of the Snowshoe Priest, Father Frederic Baraga, who carried the gospel message to the  Chippewa tribe in upper Mi … [Read more...]

Kaci Hickox, Benevolent Servant Turned Egocentric Activist

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa, has ended her voluntary quarantine in Maine--demanding that the government and public health officials stop protecting the public's health and start protecting her right to have a good time.The Doctors Without Borders nurse feels that she's been unfairly discriminated against, and so has enlisted an attorney to defend her right to move about society.  She broke out of her "voluntary confinement" … [Read more...]